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De Witte Pelikaan

Your Christmas shop all year long!


Our store through the eyes of the customer

De Witte Pelikaan, your Christmas shop throughout the year!

In the Vlamingstraat located in the very city center of Bruges, you really need to make a stop at De Witte Pelikaan. Behind the baroque facade of a renovated Renaissance building, with on top a white pelican, hides a very special decoration store: the first Belgian all year round Christmas shop. Once you are in, you are overwhelmed by a unique and twinkling Christmas atmosphere, day in day out!

Enchanted setting!

De Witte Pelikaan is a shop with a lot of character and offers exclusive and eccentric Christmas items. And with success! From all over the world, people come to De Witte Pelikaan to feel that special and magical touch of Christmas. Majestic and high cupboards, elegant chandeliers and an old, historical cellar with arcades create the perfect setting for sometimes surprising, colourful and extraordinary Christmas decoration. Step inside and get enchanted and inspired by this sparkling and fairy-like scenery!

Christmas is trending!

The range in De Witte Pelikaan is very wide, stylish and of top quality: extremely fine and handmade glassware, elegant angels, uncommon Christmas balls and Christmas trees with each telling a story of its own. What do you think about a mermaid-tree decorated with exotic fishes or a hunt-tree full of squirrels, owls and trolls. Or fantasize when looking at a venetian tree with golden masks, as being in a real comedia dell'arte. Or get inspired by pink angels and frail little birds when admiring a victorian tree. De Witte Pelikaan is without any doubt the trendsetter for all your Christmas decoration. It is also a well-known name among national and international lifestyle magazines when requiring professional and profound "Christmas" advice.

Halloween, Eastern,...

The store is not only inspired by Christmas. The range changes with the seasons. Summer means sun, sea, beach and shells. Funny bushmen with mushrooms or cute bears on a motorcycle brighten up the autumn. And during spring, delicious cakes, acid drop and tailor's dummies with candy dresses cheer up the shop. Collectors loving jesters, frogs or other magical characters will find, for sure, that special and particular item they need in De Witte Pelikaan.

Shop window or magical snowball?

The absolute showpiece of the store is undoubtedly the shop window. It is like looking at a huge, magical snowball: fairy-like, idyllic, fascinating! Children as well as adults gape in admiration at the numerous and richly illustrated scenes. Each time again, you can discover something new. No wonder it is the most photographed shop window in Bruges! Do not walk by, but take your time to enjoy the beauty and charm of Christmas!




Visit Bruges

De Witte Pelikaan was included in the online edition of Visit Bruges in 2018 under the heading "Local love, captivating shopping addresses in Bruges". In 2019 we were included in both the online and offline edition.


 Brussels Airlines

De Witte Pelikaan was given the honor in December 2018 to be published on the Discover Belgium page in the December edition of of Brussels Airlines b.inspired.








Vlamingstraat 23 

8000 Bruges, Belgium 

Tel. +3250/34.82.84

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Monday - Sunday 

10:00 AM - 5:30 PM

Bedankt voor uw bericht. Wij proberen dit zo spoedig mogelijk te verwerken. Met vriendelijke groeten De Witte Pelikaan. Uw kerstshop

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